About Us


Hi! My name is Silvana Hebert, owner of Miraletti. 

I live in upstate NY with my husband Jeff and two daugheters, Clairice and Colette.  I grew up as a first-generation Italian immigrant with a mother who cooked all the time. During my growing-up years, I spent countless hours beside my mother learning how to cook, especially traditional Italian foods. As an adult my love for cooking remained and with that came the need to stock my own kitchen. I soon developed a love for kitchen tools. I just LOVE to cook with tools that are both helpful and beautiful. My happiest moments are the times I get to serve my family and friends a delicious meal and I’ve often been nicknamed “The Gadget Queen” because I have them all!!

I decided to take my love of all things kitchen and turn it into a small business to help other home cooks love their time in the kitchen more than ever.  

Miraletti endeavors to curate a selection of kitchen essentials that will make your task of cooking faster, easier, more fun, and just downright cooler!

Whether you love to cook, are just learning to cook, or cook because you have to, our products are sure to delight.  

I hope you like our selections, and please, if you would like to see us add something don’t hesitate to ask. 

Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping!

SIlvana Hebert


PS... If your're wondering where the name Miraletti came from, it's a combination of my daughters' names. Clairice's middle name is Mira ,and Colette's nick name is Letti.  And that's how Miraletti came to be.